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Designs from Scratch

Designs from Scratch

If your business doesn’t have a website or if your current site needs to be hauled to the county dump, we offer clean-slate design services that deliver just what our clients are looking for.

Please contact us online for a custom quote on your website design project.

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Our Process

Here’s the steps we take to create a new client design from scratch.

  1. Site Mapping – You’ll see site mapping as a recurrent theme on our website, and that’s because it’s a vital step in all site design and development work we do. You can insert any trite saying about maps you’d like here, but we’ll go with, “the traveler needs a map to know where she is going.” The site map provides us with a structured list of the topics and resources you want to share on your site.
  2. Design Preferences – Once we know where we’re going with the site map, our next step on the journey takes us to WhatDoYouLikeville. One way to uncover client preferences is to gather a list of sample websites they like, and understand why. But we might also reveal these preferences through other methods, such as seeing pictures of a client’s office, learning what devices and products they most like to use, or hearing about hobbies they are passionate about. We also help clients select color palettes they like at this step.
  3. Asset Review – Some clients come to us with a bunch of videos, great photos, awesome images, and a clear brand message. But most don’t. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, the goal at this step is to develop a complete understanding of what we will have to work with for your design.
  4. Design Comps – OK, here’s the fun part. We take all of our research and our design team gets busy putting the pieces together into a set of design comps. Typically, we start with homepage designs, and for most of our projects, we offer two distinct design ideas to start with.
  5. Design Refinement – Henry Ford said that you could have your Model T in any color you like, as long as it’s black. We’re a little more flexible. Most of our clients are very impressed with the first design comps they see, but if you don’t like the comps we produce, you can provide us all the feedback you want and we’ll keep working until we get it right.
  6. Design Extension – Once we’ve nailed the homepage, our designers take inspiration from that to produce related designs for other pages on the site. At this step we will also layout how the design should look in tablet and mobile layouts.
  7. Implementation – After a client has approved all aspects of the design, our team works to “chop it up” in code that can be displayed on the web. This is the first step of the website development phase of a project.

You can contact us online for a custom quote on your website design project.

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