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Local Search

Local Search

The web is a mighty big place. But a huge amount of searching and buying on the web actually happens pretty close to home. An estimated 20-30% of all searches are for local products and services, and the search engines are now highly sophisticated in recognizing local searches and displaying local results.

So if you have a local business, how do you make sure you are being found online? For starters, your website itself needs to be properly optimized through search engine optimization tactics for your area. This means that if you’re running a bike shop in Chicago, you want to be found by customers searching in and around the Windy City.

Please contact us if you need help claiming or managing your local business listings.

Prioritizing Local Search

Google and the other search engines continue to shift around how they display results, but their overall mission of getting local results front and center for searchers is unmistakable. For many types of searches, the bulk of the results page will be local result listings and a big ol’ map showing you where to go to find those businesses. You want to be a part of that action.

In our experience, there’s a lot of bad or just plain wrong data out there about most businesses. This can include old addresses and phone numbers, duplicate listings, or even information mixed up with a client’s competitor. Without addressing the inconsistencies, it is far too easy for your customers to call the wrong number, map the wrong directions, and just plain have a bad experience before they even walk in the door. With a little work, this is all avoidable.

Our Services

Our local search marketing tactics include local listing optimization through Yext, an industry-leading geodata updating platform. We also carry out directory optimization and local review site monitoring through our reputation management services. All together, we manage your local presence for accuracy and completeness, and optimize your listings so that your products and services are front and center.

Here is a highlight of the local search marketing activities that we engage in for our clients:

  1. Claiming and verifying local business listings
  2. Consolidating or eliminating duplicate listings
  3. Managing local listings for clients with multiple locations
  4. Optimizing local listings to increase rankings for local search terms
  5. Submitting client sites to local directories such as CitySearch
  6. Setting up Google Analytics to track local search activity

We encourage you to contact us to get more information on our local search marketing services and pricing.

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