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Reputation Management

Reputation Management

You’ve worked hard to build a business people can respect and trust. Let’s keep it that way. You’ve probably heard horror stories of irate customers bent on attacking businesses online and ruining their reputation. Take a deep breath and recognize that while you aren’t going to please 100% of people 100% of the time, the doomsday scenario of a single customer destroying you online is pretty remote.

Putting It in Perspective

It turns out that there’s a lot you can do to control how your brand is perceived online. You can encourage positive reviews, monitor online customer feedback, and respond promptly and thoroughly to any disappointments. If you do these things, you are very likely to enjoy an online reputation that’s in sync with your true level of customer service. And with the right tools, it’s pretty darn easy to keep a close enough eye on what’s being said about you online.

We provide some details on reputation management below and also encourage you to contact us online or read our info sheet on reputation management for a more in-depth look at the services we provide.

The 4 Steps to a Healthy Reputation Online

1. Be good to your customers offline.

Here’s a gooey nugget of truth: If you are tuned out and providing a lousy customer experience offline, you won’t have a good online reputation either. Make sure that every customer who comes in your door is given the attention, service, and solution that they need. Make them want to rave about you to anyone who will list, offline and online.

2. Foster positive reviews.

This is NOT about paying people to say good things about you online. That’s shady and wrong. But when a customer shows appreciation for your product or service, you have the perfect opportunity to guide them online and ask them to write a review.
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3. Monitor what customers are saying about you.

Besides your website, check your social media accounts and review sites to see what people are saying about you. Use this as an opportunity to confirm what you’re doing right and spot areas for improvement. It’s a good idea for small and medium-sized businesses to spend at least 30 minutes a week reviewing what people are saying about them online.
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4. Respond promptly when you spot a problem.

If you see a negative review or complaint online, try to get in touch with the customer privately, address their concern, and ask them to update their online comments. If that doesn’t work, a public response may be appropriate. Legal action may jump into your mind but we encourage our clients to put that thought on rewind unless it is an extreme case of provably false and damaging speech.
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Overall, positive reviews are worth their weight in gold. Reviews matter more and more to online searchers and in turn, to the search engines themselves. You simply cannot afford to leave it up to chance how your business will be perceived online – you have to engage with customers and solicit reviews or you risk losing ground to your competition.

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