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Website Development

Website Development

For many of our clients, websites are like sausages – they’d rather not see them being made. And that’s OK. But the fact is that we really dig the interworkings of web code and we are dedicated to providing extremely high quality web development services within a wide range of platforms.

Please contact us online if we can assist with a web development project for your business.

WordPress – Our Preferred Platform

You may have heard of WordPress in the context of your neighbor setting up her blog about her cats. But WordPress is much more than a blog-publishing platform – you can actually build extremely sophisticated and complex sites within WordPress.

“OK,” we hear you saying, “but just because I can bake brownies in the microwave doesn’t mean I should.” But actually, WordPress is an excellent platform for website builds for many reasons:

  1. Make Your Own Updates – Thanks to WordPress’ easy-to-use admin interface (if you can handle Microsoft Office, you can handle this), adding new pages, images, and other content is super simple. For a lot of things, you won’t even need us. Plus, because it’s browser-based, anyone in your company with internet access can jump in and make updates.
  2. Use Any Design You Want – Sure, there are thousands and thousands of design templates for WordPress, but the platform is 100% customizable and we can perfectly integrate your website design.
  3. Customize It Quickly – WordPress gives you the ability to add site features through individual packets of code known as “plugins.” As the name implies, you plug in this code and a new feature such as social interconnectivity, a contact form, spam blockers, or newsletter sign-up is live on your site.
  4. It’s Search Engine Friendly – With clean and simple code, WordPress makes it easy for the search engines to sift through the code on your site and figure out what’s what. We use an SEO plugin to assist with optimization of every single site page.
  5. A Blog Is Built Right In – We’re big fans of blogging being a part of most of our clients’ social media mix, and we’re not exaggerating when we say that a blog can be set up on minutes on a WordPress site.

Other Coding Platforms

If we like WordPress so much, why don’t we marry it? Well, the reality is that some of our clients want or need to use a different coding platform. Our developers have experience in a vast array of coding platforms, including PHP and ASP.NET. We’ve also done work in other content management systems such as Joomla and Drupal, but to be honest, they’re just nowhere near as robust and as versatile as WordPress, so we will almost never recommend one of those options to a client.

We are definitely not limited in our development expertise and will not steer you into a WordPress solution if that’s not going to work long-term for your business. We’re happy to discuss your technical needs with any on-staff IT folks you work with to ensure that we are coming up with the best solution for you.

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