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Responsive Site Design

Responsive Site Design

Mobile has blown up in the past few years and is completely changing the way people use the web. Care for details? How about 500% growth in mobile search traffic since 2010, higher user engagement on tablets than desktop machines, and several predictions that mobile searches will outnumber those from laptop and desktop machines by 2015.

Your customers will expect to find you on the web. But is your site compatible with mobile devices? Even if your site will display on a mobile device, it may be difficult to read and tough to find the quick bits of information that mobile users want most.

Here’s a little test: try opening your own site on a mobile phone or a smartphone. Can you read the font? Are images displaying properly? Can you easily search the site? Mobile is a way different experience than a desktop or laptop search, and you need a custom approach.

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Mobile-Specific vs. Responsive Design

There are two ways to “make your site mobile.” You can create a mobile-specific site or you can code the main version of your site to be “responsive,” i.e., to adapt to the dimensions of the mobile device it is being viewed on.

Sector45 offers mobile web design using responsive coding. We’re not big fans of mobile-specific design for a couple reasons:

  1. 1. Mobile-specific designs cannot fully account for the huge variation in screen dimensions seen on mobile phones and tablets.
  2. 2. Mobile-specific designs require separate updating, so any effort you put into your main site will likely need to be duplicated.

Our Focus: Responsive

When properly coded within a responsive framework, your website can be:

  1. Easily accessed on smartphone and tablet browsers such as the iPhone, iPad, Android devices and more
  2. Viewed on a variety of screen dimensions for a range of devices
  3. Used as an informational platform for people looking for quick facts about your business
    Our goal is to get your website playing nice with a wide range of mobile operating systems. Benefits include:
  4. A simple way for your customers to reach you via a mobile device
  5. Remaining competitive with other businesses catering to mobile customers
  6. Easy updates, management and the ability to continually develop new apps quickly
  7. Low initial costs and ongoing fee plans

Generally, we design responsive layouts during the initial website design phase. We also have experience converting existing sites into responsive layouts.

With billions of mobile devices online already and thousands more coming online every hour, the next revolution in web communications isn’t going to wait for you. Stay on top of the technology with a mobile version of your website.

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