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Focus Site Design

Focus Site Design

Focus whatnow? What in the heck are we talking about? Sometimes known as “mini sites,” “target sites,” or “specialty sites,” these websites break off one of your core products or services and shine a light on it. For example, a plastic surgeon who offers all kinds of cosmetic surgery options may want to do a focus site just on liposuction.

Please contact us online to learn more about whether a focus site might make sense for your business.

Why Do I Need This?

We’re glad you asked. Focus sites can be a great way to achieve more presence in the search engines and offer another access point for your customers to learn about your business. Sticking with the plastic surgeon example above, let’s say that her main site already ranks on the first page of Google for people in her market who search liposuction. She’s all set, right?

Not so fast. Yes, she’s ranking well, but she still has 9 other competitors in the organic listings, not to mention additional competitors listed in Google’s ever-increasing ad space. An optimized focus site gives her the ability to have two Page 1 organic listings. It also shows to searchers that she’s a specialist who is really dedicated to helping people considering liposuction. Our past experience with focus sites suggests that total leads and sales typically increase between 10-20% when a focus site is added to a client’s marketing mix.

The Benefits of Focus Sites

Summing up, here are the reasons why you might want to consider a focus site:

  1. Your main site is ranking well for your product or service, and you want to capture even more visitors.
  2. You want to be known as a specialist in a particular service or leading provider of a particular product.
  3. A 10-20% increase in sales justifies the expense of building and marketing a site on a specific product or service.

Feature Portfolio

Focus Site Design

Focus sites need to be cost effective. It makes no sense to spend as much as your main site in building a site to highlight a single product or service. So our design efforts here are very targeted. For several clients, we have created focus site templates that echo the style and branding of the client’s main site but offer a fresh approach to the product or service.

A Focus Site Example

main website

Main Website
Campanile Plastic Surgery

This is the main site for a plastic surgeon in Denver who specializes in cosmetic surgery for the breasts and body. (View Site)

focus site

Tummy Tuck Focus Site
Campanile Plastic Surgery

This doctor offers a unique, advanced approach to tummy tuck surgery, and through this site is able to showcase his expertise. (View Site)

As templates, focus site designs can be used to highlight other products and services without more design work each time. That makes the build a lot cheaper, and provides a better business case for seeing a healthy return on investment (ROI).

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