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Design Refreshes

Design Refreshes

We get a big kick out of designing websites from scratch. But frankly, a fresh website design isn’t what every client needs. Some of our clients come to us very happy with how their site looks, while others want to use an existing design to keep their costs down as much as possible. We get it. Our designers can evaluate an existing design and focus on small touch-ups that can produce a big impact

Please contact us online for a custom quote on your website design refresh project.

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Our Process

Here’s the steps we take to update a client’s existing website design.

  1. Identify Your Pain – Clients don’t come to us just because we’re so handsome. That’s part of it, of course, but the bigger draw is that we can help to solve a problem. In many cases, you may be unhappy with the number of leads or sales from your website (in which case we often perform design refreshes in conjunction with search engine optimization. You may think your site looks a bit outdated, or some customers may have said as much. To know what we need to work on, we need to hear from you what’s not working.
  2. Identify Our Pain – We’re kind of opinionated. Thankfully for everyone, our opinions are based on knowledge and research. So when we first look at a new client’s website, we’re going to spot pretty immediately some things we’d like to fix in the design. It may be off-putting color combos. Or the lack of clear calls to action. Or images that just don’t look good. We spell out what we’re not liking and make recommendations.
  3. Site Mapping – In pretty much every case, a design refresh is an excellent time to revisit the assets and navigation on a site. Just as socks and undershirts seem to constantly accumulate around your teenager’s bed, weird pages, outdated content, and other odds and ends naturally accumulate on a site over time. A design refresh is a very fine time for a spring cleaning.
  4. Action Plan – After you’ve reviewed our recommendations and site map, we’ll collaborate on the approved design improvements and develop a full scope of work for the redesign.
  5. Design Comps – At this step, our designers get busy creating an updated feel, starting first with the homepage just like we do when designing websites from scratch. To keep costs down, we often will only produce a single design comp when performing site refreshes.
  6. Design Refinement – We will work closely with you to ensure that the updates you are looking for have been executed in the new homepage design comp.
  7. Design Extension and Implementation – Once you are happy with the refreshed design, we will pull it forward into other page designs and mobile layouts if necessary.

You can contact us online for a custom quote on refining your website design and layout.

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