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Social Media

Social Media

This isn’t 2007 and we don’t need to tell you how there’s this “cool new thing” called Facebook. You know the drill by now, at least the big picture. But we’re willing to bet some loot that you still really wonder how your business can leverage social media wisely – having a healthy presence that drives new business, without spending every waking moment tweeting, blogging, or looking for the next Grumpy Cat.

Small Business Social Media Services

With Facebook now well over one billion users and statistics showing that half of these users log in every day, it’s clear where your social media marketing focus needs to be. But social media marketing involves much more than Facebook. How you integrate social with your other online channels can make or break its effectiveness.

Sector45 believes that social media marketing has to be part of the larger online marketing plan. Our core focus is getting you ranked on the search engines. Social media can help with that. But the social space also presents you with a fresh opportunity to make connections with customers and reinforce your brand every day. Nowhere is the combination of the right tactics with the right message more important than in social media.

A Note on Blogging

One of the best ways to get social is by starting your own blog. In fact, setting up a blog is a standard tactic for all of our clients. A blog helps you out in a number of ways:

  1. Regular blog posts on your site show Google that you’re continually updating your content and keeping it fresh. Plus, these posts give Google new pages to rank you for.
  2. Building a regular blog readership helps you keep in touch with customers and attract new ones.
  3. Blog content is easily and effectively shared on social platforms. For instance, a dog groomer could tweet: “Want to know the 5 hottest haircuts for French poodles?” and link followers to a blog post with pictures and more info.
  4. Unlike other social channels, you own and control all of your blog content. Facebook and Twitter could choose to shut down your account within a minute if they wanted to. Or, in a more real-world scenario, they could mess with their layouts and algorithms to preference paid content over anything you produce.

Get Help, Get Social

We’ve helped clients with all aspects of social media marketing services. From Facebook page creation to Facebook ads to larger social media campaigns involving content and giveaways, we’ve got you covered. But never forget that the key to social media success lies within your organization. Social isn’t something we can do for you. It’s something we can help you do a whole lot better. Contact us to learn more.

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