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What It Is

What It Is

When you first built your website three, four of five years ago, you might have thought that just launching it was going to be enough to get you ranked on the search engines. But it turns out that actually, that was just the beginning. Chances are, your original web designer knew little to nothing about getting ranked except some offer to “submit your site to search engines for $99.” Uh-oh.

Search engine optimization isn’t some magic potion and it isn’t some secret bag of tricks. Really, it’s kinda simple. SEO focuses on the ways you can improve your site to make it easier for search engines and in turn real live people to find the information they’re looking for. Everything we do for SEO revolves around this principle.

We encourage you to contact us online to learn more about SEO. We can answer your questions – big, small, or anywhere in between.

SEO in Detail

SEO is about the specific tactics performed to spruce up your website pages so that they are easily digested by the search engines and recognized as worthwhile resources. Even today, many web companies don’t take this seriously or use sloppy code so they can save a few bucks. So before Sector45 can move forward with your site optimization, sometimes we have to take a few steps backwards first.

We have a proprietary 53-point checklist we use when evaluating the optimization quality of a site. We use this same checklist when evaluating a site for the first time, and for a site we’ve worked on for several years. From the thousands and thousands of variables Google considers when determining where sites rank, we have cherry picked the ones that we have found have the greatest impact in affecting search results. Learn how we do SEO.

The Changing Landscape

If you asked the question, “What is SEO?” even 3 years ago, our answer would be very different than it is today. And no doubt, our answer will be a bit different a year from now. Like many areas of online business, the best practices in search engine optimization evolve rapidly, as Google and other search engines constantly look for ways to provide more helpful search results to their customers.

If we just did the same thing over and over, we’d be yesterday’s news in a heartbeat. We scour the trends and read every SEO blog, industry digest, and other resource we can get our hands on. This isn’t just for us to practice our speed reading skills. This is about looking for new tactics that we can put into action immediately to help our clients stay ahead.

Why Sector45 for SEO

The one thing you will realize about working with Sector45 on your search optimization plan is that we are not like most search engine marketing firms. We spend the time to educate you about what we do and why it works. We back up everything we say and do with data and analysis. And every month we deliver metrics to each client showing where they stand so we can plot a course for where they’re headed.

We have helped clients in a wide range of fields, including medical practices, consulting firms, travel and tourism companies, and many other small and medium-sized businesses. With almost 20 years of combined experience on our team and our tireless effort to stay on top of all the changes in the search marketing landscape, we are ready and willing to help you too.

Contact us if we can help in any way with your SEO needs. We can provide education and a plan of action for you to use even if you don’t engage us to do the work.

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