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How We Do It

How We Do It

So as you might have already read on our site, we don’t believe there’s a magic potion or pixie dust that can be sprinkled on a site to make it rank better. SEO takes actual work, diligence and focus over time to achieve the objective of earning Google’s trust that your site is one worth ranking highly.

Many marketing firms will tell you that they “perform SEO.” But it may be tough to get a clearer answer from them than that. Which is a shame. Because there are real things you should – and should not – do on a monthly basis to put your site in the best possible position to earn rankings and keep it ranked highly once it is established.

We encourage you to contact us online to learn more about SEO. We can answer your questions – big, small, or anywhere in between.

The 5 Aspects of Site SEO

Here’s the air-traveler’s-eye view of how we optimize sites for our clients:

  1. Site Level – Among the factors we look at when optimizing a site from a “global” perspective are the quality of the site build, organization of the architecture, proper installation of tags, and presence of key pages such as Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  2. Page Level – The biggest SEO factor on a page-by-page basis is the presence of relevant keywords within the text and within the “meta” information Google uses to display search results. Beyond this, we also check for duplicate content, image optimization, and internal linking.
  3. Backlinks – You may have heard a lot about link building and you can hear more about it by clicking that handy dandy link. We look at quality first and quantity second when it comes to links back to your site. Our objective is to earn your site relevant links that show Google real value.
  4. User Interaction – What people end up doing on your site matters. A site where a searcher chose to stay longer and visit more pages is a signal that the site delivered on what the searcher was looking for, and we work hard to make our clients’ site highly engaging.
  5. Social Signals – It just makes sense to integrate your social media presence into your site for an easy, seamless experience. Links to social media sites, Google Authorship, and other social resources present on your site can influence how valuable your site is compared to others in your market.

Why Sector45 for SEO

The one thing you will realize about working with Sector45 on your search optimization plan is that we are not like most search engine marketing firms. We spend the time to educate you about what we do and why it works. We back up everything we say and do with data and analysis. And every month we deliver metrics to each client showing where they stand so we can plot a course for where they’re headed.

Contact us if we can help in any way with your SEO needs. We can provide education and a plan of action for you to use even if you don’t engage us to do the work.

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