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Competitor Audits

Competitor Audits

“Why is Site X ranking better than I am?” This is pretty much the most common question we get from our clients and from prospects. And for good reason. It’s the driving force that matter most when trying to attract the lion’s share of organic search traffic.

It turns out that the exact reasons for why certain sites rank better than others can be very difficult to figure out. This is because within the search engine algorithms, there are so many variables in play, with each variable weighted differently depending on another set of variables. In short, as some people of Facebook like to say, “It’s Complicated.”

But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to be gained by taking a hard look at the top competitors in your market. In fact, by performing Competitor Audits, Sector45 is able to uncover opportunities for helping our own clients to sharpen their competitiveness.

Please contact us to learn how a Competitor Audit can improve your search engine marketing results.

Audit Factors

In broad strokes, these are the areas we review when studying competitor sites. From our analysis, we prepare a list of action items that are carried out in the month following the audit.

  1. Links – As we discuss on our link building page, it’s a really good idea to always be on the lookout for high-quality, relevant links. By looking at who’s linking to competitor sites, we can spot new opportunities for our own clients as well, perhaps from a directory or professional association site we hadn’t considered before.
  2. Usability – Here we are looking at competitor sites from a user perspective, asking questions like “How easy is it to navigate within the site?” and “What features make for a good experience on this site?” With these takeaways in mind, we may recommend a few design or functional changes for our own client’s site.
  3. Social Media – Though not explicitly included as a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm, social media integration and engagement has been shown to be a factor in how well sites rank. In our experience, clients with a healthy social media presence get more traffic than those without.
  4. Technical Considerations – Site load time, domain age, page redirects, and other technical factors can influence Google’s ranking decisions. We compare our clients’ metrics to their competitors to make sure they are as good or better in over a dozen technical areas.

Competitor Audits are a key component of all our marketing plans. With so much information available on the web, it’s easier than you may think to “spy” on your competitors and make sure that your marketing efforts are up to snuff. Contact us if we can answer any questions about this service – we’re happy to help.

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