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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

So you’ve taken the time to build a thoughtfully optimized website. That’s great. But now the real work begins. You need to show Google and the other search engines that you exist and that you deserve the attention of web searchers. Our search engine marketing (SEM) services include tried and true tactics each month to show the search engines that you’re in it to win it.

Think about it this way. Just like you, every one of your competitors wants to be ranked #1 in Google. So Google has to somehow figure out who deserves to get ranked at the top by providing the best possible information and experience. Showing to Google that your site is that high-quality, highly relevant resource is what SEM is all about.

The Value of SEM

It can get real expensive real quick to rely on paid advertising online (PPC) to drive traffic to your site. And as soon as you stop paying, the visitors stop coming. SEM is an essential part of the online marketing mix because it helps your site to rank highly in organic search results, which are still the dominant way businesses are found online. After word of mouth, the web is the best new source of referrals for most businesses. SEM is your long term way of investing in this all-important marketing channel.

Each member of the Sector45 team is a search marketing expert. We build sites the right way, we optimize the right way, and we carry out ongoing search marketing tactics the right way. A word of caution to those of you looking for a “set it and forget it” solution: staying ranked on search engines is a lot like paying your electric bill. If you stop, eventually the sign on your building will go dark. Our goal is to help you be smart and efficient with your monthly web investments.

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SEM by Definition

SEM is all about putting together content and other resources on and off your site that are interesting to customers considering your products or services. Basically, engaging content makes web searchers happy. Search engines stay in business by satisfying the interests of web searchers, and when you help them in this goal, they’ll go out of their way to reward you with top rankings.

We often get a lot of questions about the difference between SEM and SEO. The short of it is that SEO (search engine optimization) is focused on updates to your website to make it as appealing as possible to the search engines, while SEM is focused on offpage work and ongoing updates that will keep the search engines thinking that your site is worth ranking highly.

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