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Online directories gather up and organize websites into categories and subcategories. They exist to help people searching the web to find what they’re looking for. There are thousands and thousands of directories on the web. Most are automated and provide little value to the modern web searcher.

However, there are some directories that are able to capture a good amount of user visits each month, and direct those users to websites within the directory. Not surprisingly, directories with a healthy amount of users often charge for the privilege of being listed within the directory. That’s where the paid advertising piece of this puzzle comes in.

Contact us for a custom evaluation of any directory investments you are considering.

Assessing the Value of a Directory

The value a directory provides is bringing eyeballs to your site that wouldn’t find you otherwise. That’s really about it. So when evaluating the cost of directory, we always ask for current metrics on visitation and user interaction. Some directories do a much better job than others of creating a community that encourages repeat visits. Others are all about being a resource for that “once and done” searcher. Regardless, we evaluate the number of visitors that we expect to be referred from the directory and, where possible, the quality of those visitors (i.e. where those visitors are likely to fall in the sales cycle).

Monitoring Your Investment

Whenever possible we try to get our clients into flexible arrangements with directories we recommend. Most will have a set fee for an annual subscription, but some may be willing to negotiation on price or length of contract term. Our experience in the medical and professional services fields allows us to leverage our knowledge and relationships to get our clients into the most competitive directory arrangements, saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars yearly in the process.

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