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Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

When we talk about “paid advertising,” we’re talking about online channels where you can get the word out about your services for a fee. The best-known example of paid advertising online is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising like the ads that Google puts in their search results. But there are actually a number of paid advertising investments that may be worthwhile, and you can learn a little more here:

  1. PPC & Retargeting
  2. Directories

A question we get a lot is, “Which is better, PPC or SEO?” You’ll get the classic lawyer answer from us on this one: “It depends.” For many of our clients, a successful online marketing effort involves a bit of both. Search engine optimization is a longer-term play where we work to convince Google that your site is worth ranking highly for the people searching for the services and products you offer. On the other hand, PPC can get you visitors to your site immediately. The downside of paid online advertising, however, is that once you cut your spend, the faucet dries up. It’s only an immediate payout. Plus, if you don’t watch your spend closely, the return on investment can be very poor.

We’d love to answer your questions about navigating the paid advertising waters. Contact us online and we’re happy to tell you more.

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