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Sales Conversion Consulting

Sales Conversion Consulting

One of the most important things we do for clients is deliver new sales prospects through the web. It’s basically why we get up in the morning. Think of these sales leads as precious little seeds. Some will grow into tall, strong trees and some will be carried away in the next rainstorm, never to be seen again.

Beyond our little creative writing exercise there, you should see something very important: the more seeds you can grow, the more your business will flourish. One of the best ways you can increase your return on your web marketing investment is by finding ways to convert more leads into new business.

But you might find that that’s easier said than done. Implementing excellent sales conversion strategies requires planning, training, and unwavering execution.

The Anatomy of a Sales Lead

People who contact your business through the web won’t always be at the same point in the sales cycle. Some folks will want your product or service right now, no questions asked. Those are very nice folks indeed. Others are just starting to shop or may just want some basic information. Point being, you can’t apply the same strategy to every sales lead and expect to maximize your conversions.

Instead, your staff members handling phone and email leads need to be able to assess the best way to assist a lead, and provide a friendly, knowledgeable and prompt response. Many times, sales will need to be nurtured over a period of several interactions. If you provide excellent help to every lead, even the “tire kickers” will be more likely to come back when the time is right.

But Aren’t Web Leads Kind of Crappy?

We hear this comment all the time. “I get leads from my website, but most of them are time wasters.” We challenge our clients to think more critically about this before jumping to conclusions. Yes, it is absolutely easier for a person to send a quick email to your business rather than pick up the phone. But keep in mind a few things here:

  1. Many people who find you online will choose to call rather than use the contact forms on your site. Unless you have a special tracking phone number on your site or ask folks where they heard about you, you are likely undercounting the number of web leads you receive.
  2. More web leads will be at an earlier stage of the buying cycle. So you may answer a question or two for them and not hear from them for several months. But in our experience, clients who provide thoughtful, complete answers are much more likely to hear from these leads again than clients who perceive these leads as a nuisance.

We can evaluate how your staff members are interacting with sales leads and provide training and coaching to help them nurture each and every lead.

Medical Practice Sales Conversion

First impressions matter, especially when people are shopping for their health and wellbeing. A lousy first experience over the phone or email is likely the end of your opportunity to convert a web lead. In our experience, the majority of medical offices have front-office staff members who are insufficiently trained to handle a full range of inquiries with poise, tact and confidence. There is absolutely no doubt that these practices lose thousands of dollars a year in revenue to competitors who have better customer service.

Every time a new sales lead calls or emails your practice, it is an opportunity to persuade that person that you are the best place for them to visit. Providing incomplete information, pressuring someone who’s just starting to shop, or simply not responding in a timely manner puts your office at an extreme competitive disadvantage compared to offices that fully appreciate the value of tremendous customer service for every precious lead who chooses to get in touch.

Sales conversion consulting can help you:

  1. Convert more telephone and web/email leads
  2. Book more consultations with no added marketing expense
  3. Protect your reputation and brand with consistent messaging

Please contact us for more information on this service.

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