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Lead Tracking & Auditing

Lead Tracking & Auditing

Sector45 works hard to track every investment you make online, and that means recording how many leads come in from your website. Along with your site visitation, leads generated is an excellent measure of your overall online marketing success.

We have developed our own proprietary lead management program, called LeadAlign, that provides lead tracking for medical websites. This robust system helps you track what happens to each lead after you receive it from your website, and lets you know where all those leads came from. You and your office staff can easily record whether a lead was called back, whether they scheduled an appointment, and whether they purchased your products or services. From there, it’s just a simple analytic step to determine the return from leads that came into your website.

The Big Benefits of LeadAlign

  • A secure lead management platform with login access helps you maintain information security and HIPAA compliance.
  • You can quickly and easily calculate return on investment (ROI) from a full range of online and offline sources and campaigns.
  • Instead of keeping track of emails, you can manage leads all in one place with real-time status updates.
  • The flexibility of the form tracking means you can add other forms such as a Virtual Consultation to securely receive patient photos and info.
  • At just $60/month, LeadAlign saves thousands of dollars per year over other HIPAA-compliant solutions.

We’re happy to provide a no-cost, no-hassle demo of the LeadAlign system. Just drop us a note for more info.

IDing Offline Leads with Call Tracking

For even more comprehensive lead tracking, we offer custom call tracking phone numbers for just a few dollars per month. Your website can have one phone number, while a print ad has another and your local billboard has a third. Calls from each source can be recorded as part of the lead intake process, giving you an even better sense of which marketing investments are providing the best return.

Your leads are one of your most precious business resources. Put simply, increasing leads flowing into your business is what Sector45 is all about. It only makes sense to get the clearest possible picture of your leads and equip your business with the tools necessary to turn every one of those precious leads into a new patient or customer. Contact us to get help managing your leads.

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