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Business Class Email Services

Business Class Email Services

You need email services that function without a glitch. But that’s not all you need. Can you access all your files on any device, any time? How do you plan to keep your communications secure? And how would your business recover if all your email was lost? Sector45 offers business-class email services to keep you up and running.

Email Hosting and Much More

Our email hosting services couldn’t be easier to use and configure. Start off by using your own domain name to create email addresses for your employees. Our hosting platform integrates easily with Microsoft Outlook and other popular email clients using IMAP or POP3.

Other features include:

  1. A simple and easy-to-use webmail interface that many of our clients prefer over their standard desktop email program
  2. Shared calendars and contacts that make it easy to communicate within your office
  3. Secure file sharing that allows you to collaborate on documents that are up-to-date and accessible from virtually anywhere
  4. Integrated spam and virus protection to keep you safe

Email Security

On the security and continuity side of the equation, you can feel confident knowing that your mailboxes reside on multiple servers, so any single server crash will not affect email availability. And if your business is required to archive email, or if you just think that’s the smart thing to do, Sector45’s email solution can provide automatic archiving that’s searchable in seconds.

Need Microsoft Exchange? Our Hosted Exchange 2010 email suite offers uncompromising security, robust reliability, and the flexibility you need for your ever evolving business environment. Our Advanced Exchange Plan has everything you need for your in-office and mobile employees.

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