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Is Your Business Email Broken?

By - May 1, 2012

We are constantly asked by clients to help them fix their email. Most people assume that if you work on their web site that you are also responsible for their computers and email. Many web companies offer basic email services as a courtesy to clients but it’s not their focus nor do they want to spend their time fixing your computer problems or helping your employees set up their iPhone for email service. It’s simply not what we do as web marketers. Your business communication needs are better served through a local IT person.

When we started Sector45, we realized that because clients see this service as one in the same to our primary focus of search marketing and Internet media, it makes sense to offer business class email services to our clients who need this type of service. We became a part of the Microsoft Partner Program so that we could offer their new Office 365 service (think of it as all the Microsoft programs you use but in the cloud, so you can log in and use them from any browser with internet access) as well as Hosted Exchange services for clients in need.

If all that sounds completely confusing to you and you scratching your head saying “but I just need my email to work,” then think of it this way. If you just need plain old email and don’t care about security, backup, and the ability to share calendars and such, then your current email system may be just fine and you can use whatever email your web host offers. If you need something a little more robust and something you can rely on at all times then I recommend checking out Office 365. We can set you up on a free trial to test it out. It’s the next wave of cloud computing for your business and truly puts everything at your fingertips from any browser, inside or outside of your office.

See more about our Business-Class Email services at https://www.sector45.com/services/other-services/business-class-email-services/ and contact us for more information. We’ll help you pick a plan that is affordable and right for your growing business.

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