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Medical Web Marketing

Medical Web Marketing

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: What do doctors and clowns have in common? The answer? They’re both great jugglers. (If you have a funnier response, share it with us.)

In our 8 years of serving health providers, we’ve seen firsthand that building and maintaining a successful medical practice requires an immense amount of juggling. Plain and simple, our goal is to offload much of your ongoing marketing needs so that you can spend more time practicing medicine.

But that’s not as easy as it sounds. Many healthcare providers find that they develop a difficult, challenging, or just plain uncomfortable relationship with their medical SEO company or web marketing firm. The level of trust needed to feel comfortable delegating the necessary marketing tasks on a monthly basis just isn’t there. The end result: an already overburdened practitioner struggling with more juggling.

Does Any of This Sound Too Familiar?

  1. “It took them 2 weeks just to update a few typos on my site.”
  2. “My web vendor doesn’t seem very familiar HIPAA or any of the other countless regulations I have to follow.”
  3. “I’m locked into a year with these guys, and I’m barely getting any leads from my website.”

We are confident that none of these words has ever been spoken by a Sector45 client.

Our Experience in the Field

The team at Sector45 has over 15 years of combined experience in healthcare marketing. And you better believe that makes a heck of a difference in the level of service we provide for our medical clients. Here’s just one recent example:

A new client came to us wanted to revamp their email marketing template design. We could have just taken on the fresh design, updating it to complement their new site. But we took a step back and first asked them about the source of their email subscriber list. Under both Federal CAN-SPAM laws and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the practice needed to be sure that they were sending marketing communications only to people who had opted in to receive them. Turns out, they needed to take a step back and thoroughly clean up their list.

Then, when they sent us specials they wanted to feature, we again had to jump in and offer some guidance. To comply with medical marketing laws in certain states, any price advertising needs to offer additional information, such as regular price and any limitations on the offer. To make sure they were in compliance, we gathered the necessary info before publishing and distributing the newsletter.

This is just one example of the way in which our expertise in the field protects our medical clients and helps them to deliver effective and compliant marketing messages.

Specialties We Serve

We have a number of medical SEO and web marketing clients within the field of aesthetic medicine. That means cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetic dentists, and aestheticians. We help solo practitioners as well as group practices and hospitals with aesthetic medicine groups.

Marketing is a pretty familiar concept for aesthetic medicine practitioners, but more and more doctors in a wide range of specialties are finding that they need to compete for out-of-pocket dollars. That’s where a savvy marketing strategy can pay off. We’ve seen this happen for bariatric surgeons, orthopedic surgeons

Give Us a Ball to Juggle

You have too much on your plate and always will. We get that about our medical clients. We’re not here to make your life more complicated. We bring our expertise to the table and prove our value so that you can focus on the other critical needs of your hectic practice. We provide guidance, tell you when it’s time to change direction, and deliver high-quality work in everything we do, from on-page SEO to ongoing search marketing, social media management, and much more. Our clients love us for it. And we think you will too.

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