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So we had to think a bit about what to call this page. Yes, we’re leaders of the organization. But we get our hands dirty too. We provide value to our clients through strategic direction, thought leadership, and expert guidance, but we also directly work with our teams to ensure that every work product we produce is fantastic. Basically, we’re what Captain Kirk would be if he got his damn ass out of the chair once in a while and pushed a few buttons on the console. Or something like that…


Scott Tobin – President

Scott specializes in Internet strategy, search engine optimization and search marketing. He has over 15 years in the online marketing field, and uses his handy-dandy Project Management Professional (PMP) certification to help keep our workflow on-task and on-time. As a graduate from Cal State Fullerton, he focused on Marketing. He loves helping businesses make smart choices so they can grow and remain competitive. He continued his education with an MBA in Global Management and worked in the Bay Area as an Internet Strategist working with Fortune 50 clients including Hewlett Packard. At Sector45, he heads up the development of new products and services, manages client accounts, and collaborates in business operations.

Matthew Moore – Vice President

Matt has worked for a variety of clients in the online marketing sector, including healthcare providers, retailers, medical device manufacturers, private practice physicians, venture capital firms, and legal services providers. At Sector45, he leads our production and quality assurance functions, manages accounts, and oversees many of the day-to-day operations. A licensed attorney (currently inactive), Matt is a 2007 graduate of UCLA School of Law and earned his undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University.

We hope that you were able to steal your eyes away from our handsome faces long enough to learn a little more about us. And we also hope you’ll contact us online so you can find out how we put our expertise to work each and every day for our clients.

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