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Tracking Your Success

Tracking Your Success

Everything we do is driven by metrics. You will never hear us say “golly gee, let’s test this out for a few months and see if it works.” Every recommendation we make is based on an analysis of past performance and our insight into how the tactic will improve your marketing efforts.

Analysis Before and After the Recommendation

It’s a big point of differentiation that we do so much analysis before recommending any marketing tactic, whether it’s PPC advertising, a directory spend, or a content marketing program. A lot of other firms will just say, “Oh, you want to give us money? Yes, please.” But we can point to dozens of examples where we actually told clients to put their wallets away because the marketing investment just didn’t make sense.

Even at firms that provide some analysis of marketing opportunities, very few follow up like we do and continue to evaluate the return on investment (ROI) to make sure that what looked like a golden opportunity is actually producing solid results. For instance, if a PPC campaign isn’t delivering the expected return, we monitor that closely and will jump in to revise the ads or adjust spend as needed.

Nowhere Near ‘Set It and Forget It’

We take an active role in tracking client success. Each and every month, our clients receive a detailed report providing key metrics including:

  1. Total site visits and visits from organic searches
  2. Number of web leads
  3. Top sites that are referring traffic to the client site
  4. Top keywords relating to the client’s services/products and brand
  5. Most visited site pages
  6. PPC/remarketing statistics, if applicable

Beyond this reporting, we regularly complete competitor audits to ensure that our clients are competitive on the key metrics that Google uses to determine how sites rank. When we uncover new metrics worth analyzing or see that a client’s competitor has decided to step up their game, we are ready to take immediate action.

Marketing Metrics Matter

We’re not just numbers guys – we produce the fun, educational and entertaining content that captures attention and drive sales too – but we firmly believe that to use our clients’ marketing dollars wisely, we need to put metrics-driven analysis front and center. If you have a few online investments that just aren’t firing on all cylinders, contact us and we’ll be happy to provide our insights.

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