We’ve written about Facebook Ads before, and whether you should bother with them. Well, gather round kiddies. It’s time we talked again. It’s nearly 2018, and Facebook is now one of the fastest growing ad networks. With over 5 million advertisers now on Facebook, what was once merely an option worth considering is now a marketing best practice.

All Your Friends Are There (and Your Customers, and Your Competitors)

One of the best and most obvious reasons you need to be playing the Facebook ad game is this: there are nearly 2 billion monthly users on the site. That’s a whole lotta people in one place. There is no other place (online or in the real world) where you have the potential to reach anywhere near that many people. In the beginning, Facebook’s popularity could be written off as some passing fad. Even a few years ago, it was a legitimate position for a business to opt-out of the Facebook pay-to-play game. Today, not so much. We kind of hate to say “because everyone’s doing it.” But seriously — everyone is.

Facebook is the place to find and nurture those leads that aren’t coming in through your other channels.

Customize Your Audience

Aside from the fact that there are literally billions of people on Facebook, another good reason to advertise there is because of the advanced targeting capabilities you get to make use of. Facebook ads help you reach the right people by using patient demographic data such as age, sex, location and ethnicity. You can also focus on people who like certain content or are members of groups that may be relevant to your marketing efforts.

Say you’re advertising your excellent facial plastic surgery practice. Facebook can hook you up with the people most likely to be interested in your services. So, while your ads might not be seen by the Men’s Shirtless Bowling Society, they may be shown to groups where people discuss rhinoplasty or facelifts.

Medical and Health Ads Thrive on FB

Oh, and one more reason you might want to get in on the Facebook ad action: awesome click-through rates and low cost-per-action rates. Generally speaking, Facebook has become one of the best and most cost-effective ways to advertise and attract new customers. This is even truer for people in the healthcare and beauty sectors.

The average cost-per-click for medical ads on Facebook is $1.32. To put that in perspective, the average across all industries is around $1.72. Medical advertisements also have a conversion rate that’s more than 2 percent higher than the average for all industries. Beauty-related ad content enjoys similar treatment on Facebook.

We don’t know about you, but we feel like these numbers speak pretty darn strongly for themselves. If you haven’t revisited the idea of Facebook ads with your digital marketing team lately, now you know the next thing on your to-do list.

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