Americans forked over $16 billion dollars for cosmetic procedures in 2016, and people who predict this kind of thing assure us that the trend will continue. This is great for business, right? Well, that all depends on you (no pressure).

What’s behind the Rise in Popularity of Plastic Surgery?

Understanding why so many people are getting plastic surgery can help you target your marketing efforts. Let’s look at some of the reasons cosmetic procedures are becoming more common:

  • Information is readily available. For anyone who’s curious about plastic surgery, the information is easily (and discreetly) available from about a million different websites and plastic surgery blogs. Hopefully your site is one of them.
  • The stigma is fading fast. Having cosmetic procedures is no longer a taboo thing. Instead of pretending they’d never had work done at all, today’s celebrities post recovery pics on Instagram. Good or bad, there are even plastic surgery reality TV shows.
  • Cosmetic procedures are more refined. Advances in technique and technology have joined forces to deliver better, more personalized results. Plus, recovery is a comparative snap—surgeries that used to require a hospital stay are now routinely performed as outpatient procedures.
  • Med spas came into their own. The non-surgical cosmetic side has exploded over the last decade. As patients have gotten more comfortable with minor procedures, moving on to cosmetic surgery seems like more of a natural transition than a major leap.
  • Today’s consumers feel more empowered. “Treat yo’self” has been flying around thick and heavy in recent years. People no longer feel that doing something just for themselves comes across as vain or self-centered. Instead, prioritizing self-care—including caring for your appearance—is rapidly becoming standard operating procedure.
  • Social media selfies. The jury’s out on whether people have always wanted to look their best or social media has caused all of us to become overly obsessed with our own faces. Either way, there’s a definitive link between the uptick in selfies and the recent increase in plastic surgery procedures.
  • There are tons of plastic surgeons nowadays. You’d be hard pressed not to come across an ad for some kind of cosmetic procedure over the course of your day, and in some cities you can’t throw a stick without hitting a plastic or cosmetic surgeon. (Disclaimer: we at Sector45 would never advise that you throw sticks at anyone.)

Okay, back up and look at that last point. There are a LOT of plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons to choose from out there. Depending on where you’re located, your practice could be up against dozens of practices just like yours. Running a great practice is essential, but many a well-run practice has gone out of business for lack of patients.

Keeping your business afloat in a competitive industry can be daunting, and plenty of plastic surgeons are finding it harder to maintain their income. Why? You knew we were going to say “marketing,” right? Well, we’re biased, of course—but it’s also true.

If You Build an Awesome Marketing Strategy, They Will Come

In its simplest form, online marketing is how you get word out to the masses that you not only exist, but are more amazing than the competition by far.

Your digital marketing strategy cannot be some generic half-hearted effort. With so many other choices available, consumers have to see what makes you special. Your marketing team should work with you to build a strategy that is customized to your needs, your practice philosophy and your unique skills:

  • Talk up your experience: New aesthetic medical practices are opening up every day. If you’ve been in the game for a while, let people know. People feel more confident working with someone who has plenty of experience.
  • Brag about being board-certified: Many doctors with little plastic or cosmetic surgery training are doing whatever they can to capitalize on that whole $16 billion dollar dealio we mentioned earlier. If you’re board-certified, say so right on the homepage of your site, mention it in your content often and make sure to educate your audience about why credentials and training matter.
  • Become a customer service superstar: The best way for any business to set itself apart from the rest is to offer above and beyond customer service. Yes, everyone says they do. In reality, most don’t. Prioritize being ridiculously responsive in interactions with existing patients, new leads and co-workers alike.

Don’t feel intimidated by the fact that there are a lot of other plastic surgery practices out there. Instead, focus on the huge amount of demand in the plastic surgery field, and keep your eye on that prize. With a savvy digital marketing strategy and a commitment to excellence in care, you can claim your rightful place at the top of the pile.

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