Maybe folks view email marketing as the modern-day equivalent of those irritating mailbox flyers, or maybe they think sending out newsletters is a surefire way to get tagged as a spammer. Both of these misconceptions are super wrong. And not just wrong, but costing you one of the most potentially powerful tools in your online marketing toolbox.

While we could probably list about a jillion reasons that you should stop ignoring the possibilities of email marketing, we’re going to start with these 7.

1. The ROI for Email Marketing Is Ridiculously High

You should sit down for this stat. Ready? Email marketing has an insane 4300% ROI—that is not a typo; we absolutely meant to type 4300%—and brings in $38 per every $1 spent. That’s practically FREE. Wowza.

2. 77% of Folks Prefer Email Marketing

That’s right. Not only is the ROI so high that it looks like we dropped something on our keyboard instead of typing the actual number, but your customers actually prefer email marketing. It’s the definition of win-win!

3. Emails Nurture Leads into More Sales at a Lower Cost

Another win-win: statistics show that companies using email marketing to nurture leads see 50% more sales-ready leads at about one-third less cost. This is good, because nurtured leads average a 20% increase in sales over non-nurtured leads.

4. 82% of B2B and B2C Companies Use Email Marketing

There’s a reason that email marketing topped the list of marketing technology companies use, even over social media marketing and analytics. Sometimes peer pressure makes good sense. If everyone else is using email marketing, you probably should too.

5. Email Marketing Consistently Ranks as One of the Most Effective Online Marketing Tools

Compared to other online marketing tactics, email marketing is ranked as the hardest working of the bunch. Emails are ideal for building awareness, grabbing new leads, keeping customers around and seeing higher conversion rates.

6. Email Conversion Rates Are 3x Higher than Social Media

Not to dog on social media, which is also a critical component of any online marketing campaign, but email pretty much kicks social’s butt when it comes to conversion rates. There are a lot of reasons for this, not least of which is because 95% of online consumers still use email on a daily basis… while many continue avoiding Twitter like the plague.

7. 64% of Decision-Makers Read Emails on Mobile Devices

Most people today (55%) read emails on their mobile devices compared to their desktop computer or laptop. If you want to target the folks making purchasing decisions, you’d better A) make sure you’re getting emails out there to read and B) make sure those newsletters are mobile-friendly.

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