If content is truly king, then who gets to wear the crown? Content marketing may be a bit less involved than a coronation ceremony, but you and every one of your competitors understand that a strong content marketing game is vital to a winning SEO strategy and integral to your business’s success. To the victor go the spoils, so how can you measure if you’re winning the content war?

Craft Creative, Compelling Content

These days, blogs are a dime a dozen. Articles, free white papers and infographics are everywhere you look online. So how can you make your content rise above the din of a noisy online marketplace?

To capture attention and stay at the top of your content strategy game, you need content that’s compelling, creative and useful. You want to create an exceptional user experience by incorporating media into your website. Webinars, slide shows and video blogs go the extra mile in the content arena, offering your visitors an opportunity to go deeper into your website. Comics can also be a big hit. These types of unique, high-quality content stand apart from the endless blogs and white papers, and can add value to the user experience, helping you to land a loyal following.

Steer Clear from the Hard Sell

One result of a saturated marketplace is that consumers are weary of all the messaging. The last thing you want your content to do is to turn off or turn away a potential customer with a hard sell. Rise above the pre-packaged business model from days of yore and personalize your content.

A marketing strategy that focuses on personalized content has much more of a likelihood of connecting with your users than stale marketing tactics. Figure out what’s unique about your business and shine a light on that, or weave storytelling into your content strategy.

Today’s consumers are both jaded and savvy, and they don’t want to waste their time on yet another website that’s just trying to sell them something. Offering content that is both credible and transparent can help you win the trust of your followers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

A surefire way to make your content stand out is to offer something that few else are offering. Create provocative content that’s different than anything else that’s out there. Of course, you want to keep your content relevant, but if you can find a way to foster an authentic connection with your users and deliver fresh, exciting content, then so much the better.

In today’s hyper-connected world, the average person has little time and a lot of messaging to wade through. With user attention at a premium, you can’t afford to rely on the same old cookie cutter content strategy that so many other businesses do. By crafting content that is at once bold, authentic and engaging, you’ll make great strides against the competition and stay ahead of the game in the endless content way.


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