Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective ways to keep in touch with your customers. But building your email list is about much more than simply adding email addresses to a spreadsheet. Your email subscribers are looking for special offers and entertaining content that helps them stay connected.

For starters, you have to be sensitive and responsive to the privacy needs of your email subscribers. It is not appropriate to market to customers if they have not given you permission to do so, and continuing to send emails to customers who wish to unsubscribe can give you a bad reputation and open you up to costly legal sanctions. Sector45 offers an email system that can help you do it the right way and keep your email list protected.

Cost effective opt-in communication

Cost effective opt-in communication with people who
want to keep in touch.

Marketing through email is a popular tactic for small and medium-sized businesses for several reasons. First, it is much more cost effective than interruption marketing tactics like radio ads, television ads, or print media. In addition, conversion rates are higher because people on your email list have said "market to me." There isn't anything more powerful than permission marketing, when it's done right.

Our small business email marketing system allows you to build and manage an email list, send out personalized newsletters, and track results. It's completely browser-based and simple to use. Not sure what to say to your email subscribers? We can help you develop an editorial calendar, brainstorm promotions, and even assist with the writing and design of your newsletter.