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HTTPS and Search Rankings

By - September 7, 2015

A little over a year ago, Google stated that one factor (among many, many factors) it uses to rank sites is whether a site is secure with an https site certificate (SSL) vs. plain http. A recent article shows that it’s more than just a small factor and should be considered for your site, especially […] Read More

6 Tips to Get Your Newsletter Subscribers to Convert

By - August 24, 2015

We’ve talked about how to successfully build an email subscriber list and quite a bit about why email marketing should be at the top of your marketing spending because it’s one of the most cost effective ways to reach your customers and keep them coming back. But what about the newsletter itself? If you want people […] Read More

7 Ways to Do Social Media Right

By - August 10, 2015

Very few small businesses are really “nailing it” on social media, and a big reason is that it can be extremely time consuming. We all know the challenges of maintaining an active social presence while also running a business. Here are some things that can help make the job of succeeding on social a little […] Read More

Please Don’t Scare Your Customers

By - July 27, 2015

  It might seem a bit strange that we have to write a blog about this, but we’ve noticed a particularly dastardly trend recently in marketingland: businesses scaring people into buying their product or service. Yes, it works (that’s why it’s still happening). No, you should not jump on the bandwagon. Some Examples So what […] Read More

Is Your Entire Company Aligned with Your Marketing Strategy?

By - July 20, 2015

We serve many small to medium sized businesses, and it comes as no surprise that a lot falls on these business owners. In addition to running the day to day, putting out fires, and directing staff, you also have to have some strategic vision of how to steer your business in the right direction. In […] Read More

Using Social Media for Retention, Not Acquisition

By - July 13, 2015

How can social media really benefit your business? A lot of business people think that the goal is to constantly gain more fans, eyeballs, and hopefully customers. But is it really? Sure, a wider audience is great, but these days social media is more about retention of your existing customers and getting them to come […] Read More

How a Content Calendar Helps Your Business

By - July 6, 2015

If you are doing an e-newsletter, posting to social media, or spending any money advertising your business, you should be using a content calendar to make your life easier. A content calendar is a resource you create and can share with others on your team to plot out all your marketing activity. We use this on […] Read More

Stop Ignoring Your Computer and Browser Updates

By - June 29, 2015

We diagnose plenty of bugs, computer issues, system malfunctions and just plain kerfluffles for our clients. There’s a common theme we tend to uncover more often than not: clients who “just say no” to the regular software updates on their own computers and devices. We all get notices from our computers telling us an update […] Read More

Is Anyone Reading Your Blog?

By - June 22, 2015

It’s well established that blogging is a great way to show Google you are regularly adding good content to your site to make it a top resource for people searching for what you are selling. It remains a top content marketing channel, even as more and more channels and platforms open up. But if you’re […] Read More

Facebook Advertising – Should I or Shouldn’t I?

By - June 15, 2015

You may not realize it, but Facebook isn’t showing all of your posts. Not even to your fans and followers. Wait, what the h!#$? We talked about this a while back so if you haven’t been paying attention, listen up. If you are a business, Facebook is a pay to play proposition. If you are […] Read More

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