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Business Owners: Facebook Isn’t Your Friend (Unless You Pay Up)

By - March 26, 2014

So you have a Facebook page and you have been trying your best to build your fans and keep them engaged. Maybe your web or ad agency has been encouraging you to post quite a bit to keep people engaged (or their pocketbooks lined). But now guess what? Facebook’s tired of giving your brand a […]Learn More

Do I Really Have to be Social?

By - February 17, 2014

Facebook celebrates its 7th year in business this month. I don’t think the phrase “you’ve come a long way, baby” is more appropriate. As of the first of the year, Facebook reported daily active users of 757 million out of a total of 1.23 billion monthly active users. 71% of online adults in the US […]Learn More

To PPC or Not to PPC

By - February 11, 2014

Almost all of our clients want guidance on how aggressive to be with Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising. Many of our clients’ competitors are running PPC, and frankly, they’re spending a boatload on it. So when is it a smart move, versus a giant drain to dump money down? A Little History A couple years ago, we […]Learn More

Practically Free Marketing at Your Fingertips

By - February 6, 2014

Did you know one of your strongest forms of customer conversion is already sitting right in front of you? Most businesses overlook it or assume they don’t have time to make it happen, but Email Marketing is one of your best bets to get customers in your door. iContact published a great infographic and in […]Learn More

Your Junk Mail Is Not All Junk

By - January 20, 2014

Do you regularly check your junk mail folder? If not, you may be losing business. We are all inundated with emails filling our inbox. It’s easy to overlook your junk or spam folder, but you might be surprised what you find in there. Let’s back up a sec and talk about why a message becomes […]Learn More

What Makes Someone An Online Marketing Expert?

By - January 9, 2014

In just about every industry, there are a few self-proclaimed experts. Online marketing is chock full of them, and due to the nature of the industry (we’re in the persuasion business after all), these folks can easily blow their accomplishments and skills way out of proportion. The BS artists of the world can now throw […]Learn More

You’re Social But Are You Paying Attention?

By - January 3, 2014

So your SEO or PR firm said you need to be social. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, whatever. You listened and went along with it and now have a “Social Media Presence.” But are you paying attention to it? Setting up these profiles on the various social channels is a necessary step to complete the circle of […]Learn More

Are You Paying Too Much for SEO?

By - December 29, 2013

While we don’t really consider ourselves an “SEO” company anymore (we’re really more of a search persuasion company at this point) every year a report comes out in our industry measuring what firms like ours are charging clients and how. We use it as a measure to gauge our competitiveness and make sure we are […]Learn More

5 Ways to Reach More of Your Facebook Fans

By - December 16, 2013

After someone Likes your page, chances are high that they’ll never be back. This means that you have to reach them in their News Feeds. Making that connection isn’t as simple as throwing together any old thing and hitting the Post button. Here are 5 things you can do to compete for and win more […]Learn More

You Always Wanted to be a Movie Star, Right?

By - December 9, 2013

In his latest book, The Icarus Deception, marketing guru Seth Godin says that going into business takes more than just opening your door and waiting for customers to come. You are now in the spotlight, and thanks to the internet everyone has a voice about you. You have to put a load of work into […]Learn More

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